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BB16 Donny’s Goodbye messages vs HG’s messages + #weloveyoudonny tribute 

My Donny Tribute!

This gets me every time!!!! 

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Guys I think I’m a social medial mogul.

Christine says Amber/Britney with Cody were uncomfortable to watch…. My (and I can only imagine Brittney’s) reaction.

Brittney agrees! :

Creep Mode Christine … jealous much hahahahha
k so I thought it couldn’t be Allison because the person who went into Mona’s room has short hair. But then I went back and watched that the same person who entered her house had long hair - were they just trying to make us think it was Allison???

How I feel about this week in the big brother house. 

How a lot of tumblr feels about Frankie… 


just beautiful

Demi getting BURNed

When Caleb threw the BOTB Ariana was like…

Ariana responding to Zach.. haha