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Guys I think I’m a social medial mogul.

Christine says Amber/Britney with Cody were uncomfortable to watch…. My (and I can only imagine Brittney’s) reaction.

Brittney agrees! :

Creep Mode Christine … jealous much hahahahha
k so I thought it couldn’t be Allison because the person who went into Mona’s room has short hair. But then I went back and watched that the same person who entered her house had long hair - were they just trying to make us think it was Allison???

How I feel about this week in the big brother house. 

How a lot of tumblr feels about Frankie… 


just beautiful

Demi getting BURNed

When Caleb threw the BOTB Ariana was like…

Ariana responding to Zach.. haha



oh my god

How Donny feels this week/after Nicole left.